365#32: Dreaming up Disney in 3D

January 19, 2015:

This entire week has been inspiring, and it just keeps getting better!! I’ve been writing this post for almost two weeks, and it has grown into a series! Listening to Disney music while trying to re-create the works from Disney in 3D is proving to be an extremely delightful experience. My heart feels warm and joyful as I happily block out the first 3D sketch of a castle wall scene in Maya… But let me explain where the source of inspiration came from….

It all started from watching Walt Disney’s Adventure in Art: 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree. It’s fantastic! They eloquently and beautifully illustrate the difference between an artist creating as a team player and creating as an individual.

Watch 4 artists paint 1 tree! You’ll be glad you did!

While working together, they help each other out.They cohesively form one unique art style by mixing medieval architecture with the magic of Disney. Together, they are more powerful and form better contributions as a team. But separately, as individual artists, they thrive in whatever capacity they desire, as should we all. Their individual paintings turn out dramatically different, but let’s take it one step further…hmm? Looking closer at their paintings and comparing them to the artwork in Sleeping Beauty, or other disney films, we can identify their handiwork. I’ve put together a few images below to share with you what I mean:


Eyvind Earle painted likely directed the overall style of the picture. The beautiful tree texture you find on his tree is all around the sleeping beauty film. I love love love this tree painting style!  I encourage you to absorb more of his beautifully presented work on his website.


Walter Peregoy, the team’s architecture artist, painted the castle wall like in the image below. His painting created an architectural skyscraper like structure of the tree. While this film isn’t Sleeping Beauty, his artstyle is allllll over 101 Dalmations.


This one might be a stretch, as Marc Davis created most of the character animations in the film. Still, I see similarities from his tree to these vines.


What could I put here for Joshua Meador?

Its fun to find their styles from their paintings. Even though the y were created as individual works of art, their styles and influences are clearly resonated throughout many of Disney’s films. Using these tree paintings, can you recognize their handiwork in any other disney film? I had trouble finding one for Joshua Meador. He painted the abstract tree.

My 3D Sketch so far. Image on the right is from Disney’s 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree.

For me, I’d like to get Walter Peregoy’s castle wall (above) looking awesome, re-create Joshua Meador’s fairydust using a 3D particle system, and get that awesome texture from Eyvind Earle’s tree onto a 3D environment of my own. I’m happy duplicating art styles from the masters, they’ve got some pretty cool ideas for me to learn from… And while I’m not entirely creating unique concepts thought up by me, I am creating their work in a whole new medium that they never had access to. All I hope for is they look down upon me and say: “Hey there kid, that’s some pretty neat stuff you got goin’ there.” …And to them, I’ll nod and smile :)


But let us not forget the major lesson in 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree was “to be yourself.” But that’s a whole nother post for next time.

<3 EJ

Trippy sidenote: Walt Peregoy, one of the legendary artists from 4 artists paint one tree, died on January 15th… 4 days before I started writing this post. Damn.


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