3DART#001: Creasing Import/Export Maya/Zbrush

From any Maya version, LT or otherwise, getting your crease information into ZBrush can be a daunting process, but with ZBrush’s new import/export FBX tool, life gets a whole lot easier. Here’s the video by the guys at Ask ZBrush to show you how…

Key Things to remember:

  • On export from maya, don’t forget to change the FBX version year to 2015 or before.
  • On import to Zbrush, be sure to change the year to be the same as your export
  • Its been said to me “Its wiser and smarter to add more subdivisions to your model.” While this might be true for some cases, but if I’m just baking to get a beautiful normal map… *uck that noise. That’s too many polygons to deal with and too much to manage. Importing and exporting crease information is just easier and smarter imo.
  • Never do the ‘right method for the industry’ Do the method that works the best for you, gets you the results and look you need, and as fast and efficiently as possible.

Practice Example:
Here’s also another cool video by Hugo Beyer on modeling, sculpting, and baking filigree that could help you in any similar project. The export method in this video is deprecated for newer versions on ZBrush. You’ll get an error that says “Missing vertex XYZ data. Operation cancelled.”

Maya/Zbrush Wood carving texture tutorial – Part 1 from Hugo Beyer on Vimeo.

Happy 3D Arting!


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