A work in progress post on a windmill mini golf scene. Created for fun and as an example to assist Adam Ormsby’s tutorial about using animations and colliders in Unity3D.

The biggest issue I had was exporting animations as an FBX in Maya. Mind you, the animation isn’t complex, but a simple export of an FBX from Maya can prove disheartening. The problem was that once I exported it, the animations wouldn’t follow. The only way I figured out how to solve the problem was to set Maya’s export settings to default every time I exported–that seemed to work–but I have no way of actually knowing which setting/issues in the scene were causing the problem. So, I phoned my Tech Artist friend. He was able to duplicate the problem, but like me, also could not figure out which setting was causing the lack of animation exportation issue.

I imagine programmers and scripters aren’t the only ones in our game dev. world. It can happen to artists too. In fact, having solutions to unknown problems can be quite common, (but hardly as common as digging for solutions to a known problem. This is, honest to goodness, how most of us game dev’s spend our days:


The beautiful textures look great in Maya, but I have yet to duplicate them in Unity properly. They appear fuzzy/blurry and just are not as captivating as Maya displays them. And even still, I think I need some ambient occlusion awesomeness or adjustments to the normal map to make the model appear not appear so flat. With the exception of the door and the flower on the windmill, the textures are tiled horizontally, all on one map, with uv’s hanging where they look best on the model. Or…you know… Maybe a 7000 height for a texture map is just wayyyyy too long :D


Other than the animation debacle, everything was smooth sailin’. Now is the time for improvements. If you’ve got an idea, please comment/provide suggestions, I would love to hear from you! This scene is meant to be used for a tutorial for using animations and collision in unity, stay tuned for a link to that!

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