Blockout Party!

Blockouts are a 3D Artist’s Best Friend. What do I mean by this? Its like an architect plotting out his ideas on paper… Its like building with lego blocks but better… Or really its like creating a plan in 3D. Once you finish your blockout, you’ve no commitment to finishing it OR better yet you have an asset list and a decent floorplan. Wanna see more blockouts? Got one or more to share? Join the Blockout Party! Checkout more blockouts and post yours here!


A few tips:

  • Think of it as the first lines of a sketch. …
  • Start with one form with a proper scale. Example? A human in cube form. Get the height of an average human in your scene… then the height of the door… windows.. columns.. etc.
  • Don’t get caught in the little things. If you decide to throw this away, best your time was spent on the major forms than the little bits that don’t matter in the beginning.
  • Don’t get fooled or confused. Allow yourself to visually understand your forms. Be it if that means adding simple material colors, bad uvs with tile texture maps, or naming everything.
  • Don’t get hung up. If it really doesn’t work, don’t fix it and move on. Throw it away. You can always make tons of blockouts, they should only take a few minutes to a few days. If it isn’t working, try a new one.
  • Don’t get caught blocking out for dayyyyyys. If your level is huuuuuge, do a small chunk of it. Once you get something your happy with, duplicate that process across the rest of the level.


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