Building a Building on Labor Day… A Grimmer Building Update

I started this back in April and its been sitting and collecting dust. I really want to finish it this week!

A mental ray render of the Grimmer Building

This is where I’m at:
  • I’m in the middle of uving. I typically love uving.. its like a jgsaw puzzle. But this time has been painstaking because I didn’t plan ahead for all of the repetitive wood and stone pieces. I certainly will next time! I’m almost done with uvs. Just about everything has a projection, but not laid out in 0 to 1 space yet. I’m trying to figure out if I should cram it all onto one texture, overlay the wood and stone pieces as tile texture.. etc. or have a few diffuse maps.
Concept art by Jordan Grimmer

Concept art by Jordan Grimmer

I was frustrated because:
  • I sometimes get hung up on polycount (like lessening the polies before even texturing). I feel like I should be making this thing for a game/portfolio, but its more fun not to worry about it.
  • There have been a ton of UVs to create. I forgot to plan ahead for them. I certainly will next time :)
  • I don’t know or understand whats up with why that roof is black. Its material is the same as the others, and it  has a UV projection, and the normals are the correct direction. I’m sure I have a backup somewhere of the roof that I can just replace, rather than figure out the problem While it’d be nice to know what happened, it would take more time to solve the problem than just replace the roof with the backup model that I have. (yay versioning!)
I want to be:
  • textured by the end of the week. I think I want to hand paint in z-brush? Then light it up in either unreal, unity or marmoset.. or keyshot that would be fine too. Whatever makes it look the prettiest. When its all done, I want to send it to Jordan Grimmer, the concept artist who gave me permission to make the cute building he concepted. Thanks Jordan!
This is what it looked like as a first pass, just blocked out with little to no detail.

An old a first pass, just blocked out. These are always fun to show.