I <3 UV’s

UV’s are like meditating. A soothing way to turn chaos into order. It’s like organizing a jigsaw puzzle, but for my heart, and best enjoyed next to a cup of coffee. Likely, there are few that feel the same as me, but UV’s deserve a good HORRAH! for being so good at holding our textures. Here’s my newest UV map for a lantern for Colorfull :) <3 Thank you UV’s for being so much fun to organize.





Handpainted Fantasy Cobblestone Texture: Attempt 1

Trying to sort out how to properly paint light. Those cracks in the mortar are hard. I was working on these on my tablet outside on the porch today! It was so nice!!


So far it looks like pretty awful. But it will get better. Here’s what I want it to look like:

I took these photos from Greystone Mansion when I was in LA and fell in love with the stone floor and architecture. That link sends you to Greystone like you were there, so be sure to click the link!

Here are images of the style I’m going for:

Looking at it again, I think one issue is that I’m painting stone in between stone. Basically I have to treat the mortar as pebbles in between the larger cobblestones. Why do I always have to pick the complicated things? :D Hold out for attempt 2… coming soon to an artblog near you. So near, you’re reading it right now.