WIP: Lauter Italian Baroque Baby Grand Piano (post 1)


Addicted to these ornamental details, I’m creating this beautifully crafted decade year old Luater Baby Grand Piano. Sold on Antiquepianos.com for $40,000 (and knowing I’ll never have a real one of my own), its a great choice for practicing how to model in high detail, export multiple maps, and using a PBR workflow with Substance Painter 5 or Quixel. Considering I was, at first, extremely intimidated by this piece, below you’ll find full 3D views of my current models and a video quickly demonstrating how I went about it. If anyone would like to know anything, I’ll be happy to talk about it on my post at polycount.com or feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to using these wonderful new texturing tools and watching my piano progress, so be sure to check back for videos and updates! <3 Happy Spying!


This Girl (Me!), Ornamental Patterns, and Archive.org


Hello Friends! I’m addicted to classical patterns, ornamentals, and filigree!

I just discovered archive.org today and you simply must know about it. They have everything! All the reference this 3D artist could hope for! Oh, and those complicated renaissance patterns? Filigree? Ornamentals?!  TONS of those. Why am I so interested in these patterns? I get sucked in because I want to make them. Their intricacies thrill me.

Here’s a list of my favorite books from them:

And of course a small collection of my favorite image finds! Happy Pattern Gawking!


Filigree Studies #1

I’ve found a fascination with filigree. I love the shapes, the curves, the foliage and flora… everything about it. I want to model it, make it game ready, and create a filagree bash kit for my future self (and others!). Here’s the beginnings of first of many. Next step is defining those edges and baking a normal map… I’m excited to model the next one! <3 EJ