Regency Ballroom – Post 1

Hiya! This is what I’ve been working on in unity lately… The first image are the objects lined up correctly in maya, the second image are texture/material passes in maya, the third is within unity. I’m starting to get everything in engine now. The last image is the ref.

pass1 UnitySetup1 MayaSetup1 character select reference


Videogame Characters Unite!


We want games to be a space where everyone feels welcome.

We think critical thinking in games should be applauded.

We want to play all kinds of games, made by all kinds of people.

We think games are for everyone.

In response to weheart.github.io this past weekend, I wanted to do more than update my profile picture. I think our favorite videogame characters can help too. So, I encourage you to make art! For the love of games for all, choose your favorite videogame characters to join us in taking a stand!  If art isn’t your thing, please feel free to use these images I’ve made on this post.



Happy Protesting!

<3 EJ


Play ConspicuFish!


Another happy success of one of our weekend game jams! In ConspicuFish, you’re awkward fish trying to sneak into the hot underwater nightlife at Club Clam. Just don’t get caught by bouncer fish! Your special power  to get past him is like that of a chameleon, or Kirby, take on the features of the other ‘cool’ fish to sneak into the rave!

► Play ConspicuFish on Kongragate!

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