Tree Success!

After creating some 20 bazillion trees, this one is the best I’ve made so far!

3k tries, half sphere attributed normals, and a beautiful diffuse with normal map!

Yay! persistence!<3 <3 <3 *Lick up the happy!



tips for me for next time:

take it one (mesh) branch at a time.

With the cards, start small to big.

check x. check z. check x…

make bark mesh live.

you dont need as much branch geo as you think you do. but if it help to put it in to visualize, than do so, and remove later.

if the geo for the mesh branch is “inside” the main besh branch, it doens’t need to be there.

its easier to see.. with different colors that dont make sense

use layers. use locking.

its easier to see… without leaves. where branches are for cards


Handpainted Fantasy Cobblestone Texture: Attempt 1

Trying to sort out how to properly paint light. Those cracks in the mortar are hard. I was working on these on my tablet outside on the porch today! It was so nice!!


So far it looks like pretty awful. But it will get better. Here’s what I want it to look like:

I took these photos from Greystone Mansion when I was in LA and fell in love with the stone floor and architecture. That link sends you to Greystone like you were there, so be sure to click the link!

Here are images of the style I’m going for:

Looking at it again, I think one issue is that I’m painting stone in between stone. Basically I have to treat the mortar as pebbles in between the larger cobblestones. Why do I always have to pick the complicated things? :D Hold out for attempt 2… coming soon to an artblog near you. So near, you’re reading it right now.