9. branches

Illuminate Island (post 1)

My Art test scene in unity. I just finished up my first pass on the willow tree branches today :) Week’s Lesson: Willow trees are hard. Willow trees are pretty, so make one anyway!

I unfortunately just noticed that I’m missing backfaces on some branches that are now spread across the scene O.o … will fix. <3

crit comment click love enjoy!

(placeholder skybox credit of someone on the asset store)
North Wall

St. Mary’s Church from Downton Abby

(also posted on polycount here.)

Here’s a look at the most recent wip project Church I’ve been putting together for Ever Jane.

Started with reference images and a location search on google of St. Mary’s Church (i just found this 360 view! wish i found it earlier!!).

And then modified the top-down layout to fit Ever Jane’s game needs… this meant cutting a ton of unnecessary space from the actual church.


Theirs (left), my version (right)

It’s not as far as I want to take it…. i’m prepping for version 2.0. :) … And playing Fallout 4.

Here’s some earlier blockout images too…

See you for v 2.0!


365#61: Paper Cranes!!!!!!

*giddy with delight* Ah!! I got Sketch-Fab on here today! Have you made your daily paper crane? If not, I’ve left you some instructions below. Would someone make one using a sudoku puzzle please?

Please! Download the 3D version from sketchfab and re-texture them :D

Papercranes by ejtheartist on Sketchfab



9,997 more and I’ll get my wish! <3 (does it count if I just change the texture?!)