9. branches

Illuminate Island (post 1)

My Art test scene in unity. I just finished up my first pass on the willow tree branches today :) Week’s Lesson: Willow trees are hard. Willow trees are pretty, so make one anyway!

I unfortunately just noticed that I’m missing backfaces on some branches that are now spread across the scene O.o … will fix. <3

crit comment click love enjoy!

(placeholder skybox credit of someone on the asset store)

365#34: Evil Dead and Chicago Pixel Art, Organ Trail

That’s right! I’m not ALWAYS cutsie!  Buried deep in the back of my hard drive collecting cobwebs I found some gorey pixel art I created for The Men Who Wear Many Hats. I figured I should blow the dust off and show them here. Besides,  in order to make evil look more disturbing, I’ll clash it with all the cute! It’s like yin and yang.

<3 Happy pixel art looking!





365#32: Dreaming up Disney in 3D

January 19, 2015:

This entire week has been inspiring, and it just keeps getting better!! I’ve been writing this post for almost two weeks, and it has grown into a series! Listening to Disney music while trying to re-create the works from Disney in 3D is proving to be an extremely delightful experience. My heart feels warm and joyful as I happily block out the first 3D sketch of a castle wall scene in Maya… But let me explain where the source of inspiration came from…. Continue reading