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HugHeartLady2Hey! Welcome to my ArtBlog! This is where I share my WIPs, fun art thoughts, and game art content. You guys have no idea how much I love this stuff. See that cute little girl over there on the left? That’s me! I carry hearts filled with creativity, love, and passion for my art. Please be sure to check out the links at the top and the side of this blog!

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Play ConspicuFish!


Another happy success of one of our weekend game jams! In ConspicuFish, you’re awkward fish trying to sneak into the hot underwater nightlife at Club Clam. Just don’t get caught by bouncer fish! Your special power  to get past him is like that of a chameleon, or Kirby, take on the features of the other ‘cool’ fish to sneak into the rave!

► Play ConspicuFish on Kongragate!

If you asked me, Continue reading

WIP: Swingtime


Not quite springtime, as it’s still freezing in Chicago, but it should most definitely always be swing-time in the city.I threw on some quick textures and some quick lights today just to see it in color. I want to improve the textures, but before I do that I want to flesh out the rest of the scene. I find it soothing to have a basic idea of Continue reading

Play Armydillos!


ArmyDillos! is the happy success of our one weekend game jam! Have fun bashing these armor all critters into each other and crash your opponent off the battlefield to achieve victory!

► Play ArmyDillos! on Kongragate!

My favorite part of the weekend? Learning about armadillos. The video, True Facts about the Armadillo, was a superb way to learn about these little armored critters, have ourselves a good laugh, and gain a few hints of inspiration.

Team Jupiter Pixies
 consisted of Adam Ormsby, Elise Motzny, Jacob Mooney, David Sim Wei Lun, Steven Crump, and Morgan O’Brien.

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A work in progress post on a windmill mini golf scene. Created for fun and as an example to assist Adam Ormsby’s tutorial about using animations and colliders in Unity3D.

The biggest issue I had was exporting animations as an FBX in Maya. Mind you, the animation isn’t complex, but a simple export of an FBX from Maya can prove disheartening. The problem was that once I exported it, the animations wouldn’t follow. The only way I figured out how to solve the problem was to set Maya’s export settings to default every time I exported–that seemed to work–but I have no way of actually knowing which setting/issues in the scene were causing the problem. So, I phoned my Continue reading