WIP Someone’s Desk


This project has been my favorite. I have big plans for it. Or rather… a big tree and town planned for it that isn’t pictured in the reference.

Here’s a few progress shots. I take them as a finish out the goals for the project that day. It helps me see where I’ve been and where I’m headed. They also help me make a list of improvement ideas.

Just a quick walk through of the workflow for the images below: I start with an idea/reference, then block out the major forms paying little to no attention to minor details, then add some basic materials and basic lighting, improve the lighting and then uv/model more detailed. Just started texturing today. I’ll be adding basic texture to get a feel for the scene, and then go back and add more detail to the textures/materials.


Wildflowers For Grandma


This was a painting that I created, a few years back, that I always find myself sharing with others. I love my grandparents very much, and miss them terribly. Below this is an image of them when they got married. It’s a beautiful photo.


Whoa I can do that?!

Back into the Swing of Things
Some ebony, inspiration, and a huge pad of paper

From Art Slump Chump to Creative Challenger. Its been years since I’ve drawn a sketch of a live human being, but here he is! Full fleshed and sketched… but not yet complete :) I have yet to add his left arm again… the foot and bag… the entire peice still needs more work, love, and attention from me. My current excuse is that i’m working on Illuminate, but that shouldn’t stop me from fully fleshing this guy out. I’ll be posting updates regularly-ish ;) and when we are done here, i’ll make a progress gif!

WP_20130421_003 WP_20130421_001