Whoa I can do that?!

Back into the Swing of Things

Some ebony, inspiration, and a huge pad of paper

From Art Slump Chump to Creative Challenger. Its been years since I’ve drawn a sketch of a live human being, but here he is! Full fleshed and sketched… but not yet complete :) I have yet to add his left arm again… the foot and bag… the entire peice still needs more work, love, and attention from me. My current excuse is that i’m working on Illuminate, but that shouldn’t stop me from fully fleshing this guy out. I’ll be posting updates regularly-ish ;) and when we are done here, i’ll make a progress gif!

WP_20130421_003 WP_20130421_001

Pretty Bird!


Watercolors are fun. Metallic Watercolors are cooler. It is tough to tell in this image scan, but each of the berries are actually sparkly. It was fun creating emphasis on such a minute feature… and the bird. Blending watercolors to create his feathers and the added benefit of the special textured paper really helped me along. Its funny, most of us artists are concerned about what writing utensil we are using, but not the media we are spewing our creations onto. I purchased the paper at a craft store for a buck, with torn edges, a deep texture, and a variety of colors–Strange background media, like this paper, gives the painting something a little extra. <3