Undertakers (PC Game)


Undertakers is a third-person LAN shooter that pits you against three of your friends in a frantic battle to seize a single bar of gold! Not many schools can boast that they have a two-semester sequenced class that is structured as a commercial development project… And I don’t mean Indy Development. Our team was constructed of twenty-seven students in multiple disciplines including art, design, programming and sound. Complete with production phases (pre-production/concept, production, quality assurance and release), task and bug tracking as well as project scheduling and milestone deliverables.

My Direct Contributions to the Project:
  • Lead Artist – Art Direction and Manage the Art Team
  • Concept Artist
  • GUI Prop Artist
  • HUD 2D Artist

As Art Lead I managed our sixteen-member art team (including six sub-teams: character, environment, animation, interface, technical art and visual effects). I provided continual artistic leadership, encouragement and guidance, as well as oversaw the asset production, prioritization and approval processes. I ensured consistency and quality across the board to drive the visual flow of Undertakers.

The 3D Menus in Undertakers
Undertakers HUD Player Cards (characters drawn by Gediminas Einikis and Jason Gaut)

On a much smaller scale than my art lead responsibilities I concepted and produced art for the game. As Concept artist I laid out the plans for our 3D Menu System, as Prop Artist I created a few of the small props pictured above (chalkboard, book, fountain pen, inkwell), and as HUD artist I had a lot of fun creating the player cards pictured above.

I Love Chicago

Walking down the street and captured what I found to be a perfect shot of the city– it’s not one of the city’s major hotspots, just a nice street with an interesting perspective.

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