cutebot screenie

365#56: Cutebot!

cutebot screenie

I knew I wouldn’t get this one done in two hours, but its so cute! My friend Eddie Einkis is drawing a robot a day :D I have so many ideas for colors and things, I couldn’t help but to do as much as I could in an hour. I just have basic shapes (green lines). I want to add cute pastel colors of orange and pink, maybe neon blue too. Cute badass, that’s what i’m going for :)

Happy Saturday!

<3 EJ


365#48: My Mini Lanterns




texture map

I actually have these home :) I scanned a few right on my scanner. I also later learned that making my own shapes using illustrator or photoshop is a lot easier to work with  than using the scanned images themselves. So, although they didn’t make for very good texture creation, they were great for quick referencing where to place vector shapes imperfectly. Vector shapes also made making multiple maps easier, as I didn’t have to grab perfect selections from the photo in Photoshop. <3 EJ



356#44: Flowers for my Tree


Remember a few days ago when i started up a tree trunk in zbrush? (scroll down like 2 or 3 :)

Just sorting out what I want those flowers, leafs, and tree bark too look like in 3D. I started with the idea of making a traditional cherry blossom tree, but it blossomed into a cherry birch hybrid phenom instead. There is actually a flower that kind of looks like this, called a pipsissewa. Cool I think. <3