Flowers are a Girls Best Friend…


Not diamonds. Okay, flowers don’t last as long as diamonds. But flowers are calming, relaxing, and smell wonderful.

I used to always think, “well I can only draw flowers, that must make be a terrible artist.” But really, the fact of the matter is, if I can hone my love for drawing flowers, my painting and illustrations will improve with me as i’m enjoying the many variances… even the total far off and non-existing breeds that emerge from my imagination.

What is it that inspires you?

There’s something to sitting in a coffee shop with a pack of colored pencils and some rough textured black paper. Its wonderful to just feel away from everything for a few hours, engulfed in flowery-goodness while sipping a chai tea latte with someone I truly admire.

Just feels happy.

So.. A flower a day… or at least until I get tired of it :) Every now and then i’ll update this post with some flower images.



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