My Fantasy Castle! This feels AWESOME


IT WORKS! YOU CAN ACTUALLY WALK AROUND AND EXPERIENCE IT! I’m so excited!!! My dream castle project is finally coming together, and I’m creating it all by my wee little self in Unreal and Maya.


Remember this post from… one year ago?! or this one?! …Now the reference images are this GINORMOUS mood board. I also sorted out the sense of scale, what it means to be a fantasy castle vs. a real castle, what shapes, forms, and moods I want to express, and even learned a bit about Gothic architecture. All of the stuff I need is now in my head and the hardest parts of ‘starting’ I think are over.

All of these things have accumulated to this very moment, THIS ONE, RIGHT HERE… Where I have my tower… and a ton more building to do, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed or excited to see it all come together. So keep your eyes peeled. This is going to be EPIC. Please follow me on Youtube! I need 100 subscribers to get a custom URL! (if that link doesn’t work click this one)

<3 -EJ

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