Bananas Don’t Grow on Trees…

They grow as Flowers. I spent some time making this flower for our current project, Luminus.


A few days later… I looked at it again and saw “It looks like a banana peel!” <3 Now I can’t stop seeing a banana flower. So, I upped the gag:

bananna flwoer

Happy Giggling! <3



Welcome to my ArtBlog!

HugHeartLady2Hey! Welcome to my ArtBlog! This is where I share my WIPs, fun art thoughts, and game art content. You guys have no idea how much I love this stuff. See that cute little girl over there on the left? That’s me! I carry hearts filled with creativity, love, and passion for my art. Please be sure to check out the links at the top and the side of this blog!

Happy Reading! <3




Play ConspicuFish!


Another happy success of one of our weekend game jams! In ConspicuFish, you’re awkward fish trying to sneak into the hot underwater nightlife at Club Clam. Just don’t get caught by bouncer fish! Your special power  to get past him is like that of a chameleon, or Kirby, take on the features of the other ‘cool’ fish to sneak into the rave!

► Play ConspicuFish on Kongragate!

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