365 Days of Art: Days 1 – 4

Hi all! I started a thing for myself, inspired by Marcella Kriebel’s Art Everyday. I’m working towards creating 3D models everyday for a year. Keeping the theme fairly loose, here are the first 4 days :)


Each one of these took about 15 minutes to an hour to make. Similar pieces are re-used for each model. I already created the UV shells, I just have to come back, lay them out nicely and make the game ready texture map instead of using colored materials from maya. The rope is a different story. I modeled and baked a new texture using maya’s “okay” turtle baking software. When I come back to this, it would be cool to improve the textures while also inserting texture plains for fraying rope pieces as well as the glowing wires on the insides of the big bulbs.

Here are the reference images I snagged from Google:

Happy Modeling! :)



Videogame Characters Unite!


We want games to be a space where everyone feels welcome.

We think critical thinking in games should be applauded.

We want to play all kinds of games, made by all kinds of people.

We think games are for everyone.

In response to weheart.github.io this past weekend, I wanted to do more than update my profile picture. I think our favorite videogame characters can help too. So, I encourage you to make art! For the love of games for all, choose your favorite videogame characters to join us in taking a stand!  If art isn’t your thing, please feel free to use these images I’ve made on this post.



Happy Protesting!

<3 EJ