Killing # 365, New Focus

Creating 3D artwork once a day, for 365 days, is an awesome goal. One that I hope to repeat in the future when I have a higher level of skill. Sorry to tell you this, but for now, I’m terminating the series. Right now I need quality over quantity. Quality takes more than 2 hours a day. I do enjoy the benefits that it gave. I discovered my weaknesses, my fears, and it forced me to get though the entire 3D art pipeline in a speedy manner.

For now, dedicating two hours a day for creating a new piece every day, does not a good quality make. I’ll aim to bring it back in 2016 :) It was totally fun and fun to talk about with friends.

My new focus is addressing my weaknesses and scaring away my fears while listening to Louis Armstrong. :) Keep an eye out, i’ll be writing more too.




I saw a ton of colors on my road trip to and from LA. I couldn’t get them out of my head. So I painted some lines, hills, and the aurora borealis:


Warped some lines:


Saw a swan and made it look more like one: :) I think I like the second one better.