Regency Ballroom – Post 1

Hiya! This is what I’ve been working on in unity lately… The first image are the objects lined up correctly in maya, the second image are texture/material passes in maya, the third is within unity. I’m starting to get everything in engine now. The last image is the ref.

pass1 UnitySetup1 MayaSetup1 character select reference

Fantasy Castle Environment… Plan

This has been on my mind for weeks… I want to make a kit bach set of the castle items and place the environment using Cry Engine. I see a few key issues though, one being that if this is going to be in a game engine, there really isn’t anywhere to walk around. I might be able to solve with with a top down layout plan. The second… OMG DECORATIONS! There are so many! I might get lost in them… like on a cloud… due to all the pretty-ness <3 I’ll likely make a bash set for those too.

Happy Dreaming!