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Another happy success of one of our weekend game jams! In ConspicuFish, you’re awkward fish trying to sneak into the hot underwater nightlife at Club Clam. Just don’t get caught by bouncer fish! Your special power  to get past him is like that of a chameleon, or Kirby, take on the features of the other ‘cool’ fish to sneak into the rave!

► Play ConspicuFish on Kongragate!

If you asked me, simply because you’re the awkward fish, that makes you cooler than cool. You change colors and wear custom-made goofy glasses with a nose! How freaking awesome is that?!

My favorite part of the weekend? Making all the Fish! Fortunately this time we had an animator on board, thanks Tommy for giving our bubbling friends each their unique swimming animations!!

*art models and images to follow*

We’re working up a personal monthly series record on Game jams are great because they burst you into production cycles that need quick turnaround times. Basically, they’re a quick yet dirty way to get experience making a game fast.  I understand what it means to work up an asset quickly, not to focus on the minor details, and to let go of an idea that just isn’t working before it eats up my time. Of course, these lessons are easier said than done. I think its important for every game artist to get into a few game jams.

This jam, I couldn’t get to work on art until Saturday night, and I was the only artist (outside of our animator).On Armydillos!, we had animation issues and didn’t get started till the last day! April’s game jam will be different. Art is going to get started that first Friday night and hopefully we’ll have a few more crafty artists on board to avoid art looking incomplete or getting cut entirely.

This edition of Team Jupiter Pixies consisted of Adam Ormsby, Elise Motzny, Jacob Mooney, Morgan O’Brien, Tony Le, Tommy Kaltsas, and Brian Block. Thanks Team!

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