My Fantasy Castle! This feels AWESOME


IT WORKS! YOU CAN ACTUALLY WALK AROUND AND EXPERIENCE IT! I’m so excited!!! My dream castle project is finally coming together, and I’m creating it all by my wee little self in Unreal and Maya.


Remember this post from… one year ago?! or this one?! …Now the reference images are this GINORMOUS mood board. I also sorted out the sense of scale, what it means to be a fantasy castle vs. a real castle, what shapes, forms, and moods I want to express, and even learned a bit about Gothic architecture. All of the stuff I need is now in my head and the hardest parts of ‘starting’ I think are over.

All of these things have accumulated to this very moment, THIS ONE, RIGHT HERE… Where I have my tower… and a ton more building to do, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed or excited to see it all come together. So keep your eyes peeled. This is going to be EPIC. Please follow me on Youtube! I need 100 subscribers to get a custom URL! (if that link doesn’t work click this one)

<3 -EJ


Blockout Party!

Blockouts are a 3D Artist’s Best Friend. What do I mean by this? Its like an architect plotting out his ideas on paper… Its like building with lego blocks but better… Or really its like creating a plan in 3D. Once you finish your blockout, you’ve no commitment to finishing it OR better yet you have an asset list and a decent floorplan. Wanna see more blockouts? Got one or more to share? Join the Blockout Party! Checkout more blockouts and post yours here!


A few tips:

Tree Success!

After creating some 20 bazillion trees, this one is the best I’ve made so far!

3k tries, half sphere attributed normals, and a beautiful diffuse with normal map!

Yay! persistence!<3 <3 <3 *Lick up the happy!



tips for me for next time:

take it one (mesh) branch at a time.

With the cards, start small to big.

check x. check z. check x…

make bark mesh live.

you dont need as much branch geo as you think you do. but if it help to put it in to visualize, than do so, and remove later.

if the geo for the mesh branch is “inside” the main besh branch, it doens’t need to be there.

its easier to see.. with different colors that dont make sense

use layers. use locking.

its easier to see… without leaves. where branches are for cards