This Girl (Me!), Ornamental Patterns, and


Hello Friends! I’m addicted to classical patterns, ornamentals, and filigree!

I just discovered today and you simply must know about it. They have everything! All the reference this 3D artist could hope for! Oh, and those complicated renaissance patterns? Filigree? Ornamentals?!  TONS of those. Why am I so interested in these patterns? I get sucked in because I want to make them. Their intricacies thrill me.

Here’s a list of my favorite books from them:

And of course a small collection of my favorite image finds! Happy Pattern Gawking!


9. branches

Illuminate Island (post 1)

My Art test scene in unity. I just finished up my first pass on the willow tree branches today :) Week’s Lesson: Willow trees are hard. Willow trees are pretty, so make one anyway!

I unfortunately just noticed that I’m missing backfaces on some branches that are now spread across the scene O.o … will fix. <3

crit comment click love enjoy!

(placeholder skybox credit of someone on the asset store)
North Wall

St. Mary’s Church from Downton Abby

(also posted on polycount here.)

Here’s a look at the most recent wip project Church I’ve been putting together for Ever Jane.

Started with reference images and a location search on google of St. Mary’s Church (i just found this 360 view! wish i found it earlier!!).

And then modified the top-down layout to fit Ever Jane’s game needs… this meant cutting a ton of unnecessary space from the actual church.


Theirs (left), my version (right)

It’s not as far as I want to take it…. i’m prepping for version 2.0. :) … And playing Fallout 4.

Here’s some earlier blockout images too…

See you for v 2.0!