Regency Ballroom – Post 1

Hiya! This is what I’ve been working on in unity lately… The first image are the objects lined up correctly in maya, the second image are texture/material passes in maya, the third is within unity. I’m starting to get everything in engine now. The last image is the ref.

pass1 UnitySetup1 MayaSetup1 character select reference

Filigree Studies #1

I’ve found a fascination with filigree. I love the shapes, the curves, the foliage and flora… everything about it. I want to model it, make it game ready, and create a filagree bash kit for my future self (and others!). Here’s the beginnings of first of many. Next step is defining those edges and baking a normal map… I’m excited to model the next one! <3 EJ




Pass 3 Marmoset Render

Regency Scroll Sofa

Heyya! This is the one from last week. I put together a scroll sofa for 3 Turn Productions . Here’s the progress documentation. Sorry! Its not as clean as Pianoforte! It was the first nitty gritty progress doc I’ve ever done, so its super rough and messy… but it got me through the whole project, and that’s the primary goal of this documentation: keep my brain on task.

Reference Image 

[high res 3D model render TBD]

Pass 3 Marmoset Render