Pass 3 Marmoset Render

Regency Scroll Sofa

Heyya! This is the one from last week. I put together a scroll sofa for 3 Turn Productions . Here’s the progress documentation. Sorry! Its not as clean as Pianoforte! It was the first nitty gritty progress doc I’ve ever done, so its super rough and messy… but it got me through the whole project, and that’s the primary goal of this documentation: keep my brain on task.

Reference Image 

[high res 3D model render TBD]

Pass 3 Marmoset Render



356#44: Flowers for my Tree


Remember a few days ago when i started up a tree trunk in zbrush? (scroll down like 2 or 3 :)

Just sorting out what I want those flowers, leafs, and tree bark too look like in 3D. I started with the idea of making a traditional cherry blossom tree, but it blossomed into a cherry birch hybrid phenom instead. There is actually a flower that kind of looks like this, called a pipsissewa. Cool I think. <3