WIP: Swingtime


Not quite springtime, as it’s still freezing in Chicago, but it should most definitely always be swing-time in the city.I threw on some quick textures and some quick lights today just to see it in color. I want to improve the textures, but before I do that I want to flesh out the rest of the scene. I find it soothing to have a basic idea of your object, create the rest of the scene, and then go back and make improvements.

Last week I set up the basic shapes and sculpted pillows in ZBrush! Quite Fun! Definitely too many polys for a game, but should it ever need to be in a game, some quick re-topology would clean everything up nicely.


And here’s the reference in case you were wondering… the flowers in the background remind me of the flower painting I created for grandma. I intend to make the flowers look like that painting-fun fantasy flowers :)



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